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Hey you lovelies! It’s Friday! Time to feature this cutie on the blog!

Fiona turned one year old this past August. (Don’t worry! They’ve had their photos for awhile and already seen them…I am just behind on my blogging schedule.) I’ve known Becca FORalmostEVER so I was excited to photograph her daughter’s cake smash to say the least.

Genetics are such an interesting side note of photo sessions. It’s always interesting to see the mash up of features from parents and siblings. I was totally blown away at the resemblance between Fiona and her big brother Jackson. Even down to the expressions! It was so cool. Anyway… I digress…

Photo Shoot Timeline

This session was done towards the end of the day. Right around bed time which can spell trouble and wreak havoc on mommy’s sanity. Thankfully Fiona’s momma planned it so she would nap a little later and be fresh and alert for her session. As a parent I know the struggles with trying to plan around a kiddo. Another option is to have a morning session or just schedule it earlier in the day at a location where overhead lighting from the sun isn’t an issue. Of course evening light is the best, but if baby isn’t happy you’re not going to get those smiling photos that everyone wants. My goal is to work around what the baby wants.  After all they are basically little tyrants that make all the rules, right? When it comes to photos… yes… yes they are!

I had three different scenes set up in the same alleyway. And the washtub set up for after the cake smash.

  1. We started in the makeshift lace canopy for a few standard photos. This is usually the time I can find out what is going to get smiles. In Fiona’s case she was a tough nut to crack. (More on that in a minute)
  2. From there we did some images with an old wooden high chair and balloons.
  3. Then we switched to a cute kid sized red rocking chair.
  4. Afterwards we went back to the lace canopy for the cake smash portion.
  5. We ended with the washtub and got all cleaned up!

Miss Fiona was a tough audience. My normal tricks were not working with her. Mom helped get some of the smiles. I always tell parents I love them to help get their kiddos to smile. Just don’t forget to stand behind me so they look towards the camera! Even with the slow start I still got some smiles on my own, but it wasn’t as easy in the beginning until we got to the washtub. That was when she really came alive and I could tell she was having fun. Every kid is different so don’t get discouraged if they aren’t acting the way you want at first. Sometimes they just need a chance to warm up, or they need a snack, or maybe a favorite song playing on your phone. If one thing isn’t working we just gotta switch it up! I almost forgot to mention this girl’s approach to cake… it was hilarious she went at that cake hard! No hands ma!

Check out some of my favorites from Miss Fiona’s cake smash! Want to see more and get more tips? Sign up to stay in the loop!

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